Remodel It Forward Gave Away a free

Owens Corning
Roof System valued at $10,000

and a CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Makeover valued at $15,000!

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Remodel It Forward Has Ended

Two Lucky Homeowners Won Our Giveaways!

The Winners of Remodel It Forward announced on October 15th by Todd Moore the Owner of Tri-State Windows, Siding And Roofing
Denise Geis won the Owens Corning Roofing System and Karen Schuller won the Certainteed Siding Makeover!

Thank you for supporting this special Community Forward Giveaway!

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Watch Remodel It Forward
reveal the Owens Corning
Roof System Winner!

Watch Remodel It Forward
reveal the CertainTeed
Siding Makeover Winner!

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the CertainTeed Siding Makeover Winner!

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Remodel It Forward! Where Community and Homes Come Together!


Remodel It Forward was created to share the success of Tri-State Windows, Siding And Roofing with the community at large and our loyal exterior remodeling product manufacturers.

Tri-State Windows, Siding And Roofing will devote 2020 to finding and giving away two exterior home improvement projects to in need local families. The home improvement projects will mirror Tri-State’s core products Siding and Roofing and will be independently given away and focused on during 2020 without overlap to create a Win-Win-Win opportunity for all involved from the Home Owner, Tri-State, and the Manufacturers.

A Message From Todd Moore - Owner

Remodel It Forward is my personal comittment to enhance and add to the betterment of the community. Each day when I have the opportunity to remodel a home it is an amazing feeling to know the work my team has completed has changed the lives of the homeowners and the community at large for the better. Choosing to upgrade or remodel your home is a choice for many homeowners, however for many others, home improvement upgrades can be a great responsibility and a financial burden.

My whole team looks forward to learning more from you all about your homes, dreams and needs!

Thank you for your encouragement and support today, tomorrow and mostly for yesterday!